What is my face shape?
What Haircut Should I Get?
What my best hairstyle according to face shape?

Friends, there are many questions related to hairstyles for men.

What is my face shape – Guys, first we will talk about the shape of the face, how will you check what kind of hairstyle you want to keep. And we will also know which hair you will like on your face.
There are 6 types of faces found in all of us. Round, Oval, Rectangle, Square, Triangle, and Diamond and the four common types of a face which are found in these are Square, Oval, Round, and Diamond.
You should check which of these four is your face. In order to identify him, we have to note some measurements of your face, so that you will know what kind of face you have. Look this below image

What is my face shape

How to determine face shape?

So, guys you have to measure some points to know about your face shape.

• First step: Measure Your Forehead
Measure and note the width of your forehead which is the distance between the bone on both sides of the forehead (from hairline to hairline).
• The second step: Measure Your Cheekbone
The bone under your eye is called cheekbone. To measure the distance between the cheekbones of both eyes.
• The third step : Measure Your jawline
Now measure your jawline you should measure from the bone under your ear to the middle of your chin Continue measuring the other side or simply multiply that number by two. and note it.
• Fourth step: Measure Your face lenth
You take the length of your face, for that you measure the distance between your on the forehead where your hair start-up to the centre of chin.

When you note all these things, then you will know how your face is and what hairstyle will be right for you.

1)- Man hairstyle for square face
2)- Man hairstyle for oval face
3)- Round face hairstyles men
4)- Diamond face shape hairstyle

Man hairstyle for square face

So, first of all, know that Square Face Shape: The jawline of those whose face is square will be very sharp and the other measurements such as the forehead, face length, cheekbones, all of them will be almost equal. If you see this type of face, then you will be called Face Square.

There is not much curve in this type of face, you have to keep this type of hairstyle which can balance your face. So know what kind of hairstyle will look right on your square face. This type of face is very angular and there are not many curves in it. So you have to keep this type of hairstyle that balances your face, that is, you add a curve to your face.

square face haircuts male

For that, you have to keep the hair short near both your ears, remember that you can keep the volume of short hair on both sides, but remember you do not have to keep High fade cut, under fade cut or else your face will look very Angular. And the volume of the top hair should be large so that the quiff is in a style that will bring your face curve. you can choose any style shown in the picture It will suit you most.

Example: Buzz Cut Hairstyle,  Crew Cut Hairstyle,  Textured Side Part Hairstyle,   High Fade with Quiff Hairstyle 

Man hairstyle for oval face

Oval Face shape — The second face shape is oval face shape, it is very versatile face shape. in such type of face shape, face length is larger than cheekbones and the forehead is larger than Joline. If your face looks like this, it is an oval face. Any type of hair will suit on it because it is a very versatile shape. But I suggest you mid-face as well as undercut with a combo – it will suit most. Some pictures are given on the screen and you can choose any of them. So identify your face shape, choose a suitable style, and look, smart guys.

oval face shape hairstyles male

Finally, the best hairstyle for oval faces is for hair texture. To help get the right haircut for your long face regardless of straight, curly, or wavy hair, check out these styles and cut that balance and length.

Example:  Undercut with Comb over Hairstyle,  Fade Cut Pompadour Hairstyle,  Classic Cut Brush back Hairstyle,  Taper Fade with Quiff Hairstyle

Round face hairstyles men

Round face shape — In this type of face shape, you should take two readings – R1 and R2.

In R1 – face length will be equal to the length of the cheekbone.
In R2 – the length of Jawline will be equal to the length of forehead.

R1 is greater than R2. Jawline will be curvey. It is called a round face shape.

Choosing the right hairstyle for a round face. A round face can be described as having the same facial features and shape as a square face, but with fewer angular cuts or softer edges. Basically, the sides of your face are round with your cheekbones which is the widest part of your face and your chin is smoother and less pronounced. Below, you can find a depiction of a person with a round face.

mens hairstyle for round face shape

Style –  This type of face shape is curvey, it has no angles. you should add angles and make some balance. You may have a high face cut. You should have short hair on the sides so it will look oval can choose any style shown in figures.

Example: Bald Fade with Slick back Hairstyle,  Fade Cut Pompadour Hairstyle,  Classic Cut Brush back Hairstyle,  Spiky Hair with High Fade or Undercut.

Diamond face shape hairstyle

Diamond face shape hairstyle boy

Diamond-shaped faces to realize their potential by encouraging balanced proportions. In this guide for men, you will learn how to style diamond face shapes properly. These involve curbing prominent characteristics whilst highlighting more recessive traits.

Diamond face shape – In this type of face shape, the readings are in descending order Face length  >  cheek bones  >  forehead  >  jawline.

Chin is pointed and jawline is very sharp. It’s very sexy style. You should have long hair and massy style. you can choose any style shown in figures also. 

Example: Slick back Hairstyle,  Textured Crop Hairstyle,  Faux Hawk Hairstyle,  High Fade with Fringe Hairstyle.