Hirdayi Mudra – Gesture to overcome emotional conflict

Hirdayi Mudra: The practice of Hirdayi Mudra that benefits the heart should be learned from a primary yoga teacher.

To bring maximum benefits with the practice of heart posture as part of regular practice, yoga teachers should guide students by giving them knowledge about the heart and their associated problems.

Hirdayi Mudra

Benefits :

As the name suggests, the Hirdayi Mudra (Heart gesture) when practiced properly, benefits any heart and any heart-related problems. The heart is the most important organ in the human body that needs to be stimulated with the practice of asana, pranayama, meditation, and posture.
1)- The heart posture improves the strength and vitality of the heart by directing the flow of prana (life force) from the hands to the area of the heart.
2)- This is very simple and safe to practice, yet incredibly beneficial for the heart – which we trust because of the source of our life force.
3)- Practices of this mudra are related to the heart and digestive system, diseases like a migraine, blood pressure (better oxygen to the heart) or asthma are under control and can be cured by repeated exercises.

Follow the steps :

  • Start in a comfortable sitting position, ensuring that the head and spine are straight.
  • Guide the tips of your index fingers to the root of the digits of your thumb and connect the tips of your middle two fingers to the tip of your thumb. Release your little finger straight.
  • Place your hands above your knees, and place your palms facing up.
  • Close your eyes, bring your body to a sedentary place and enjoy the sensations. Heart posture can be practiced for 30 minutes.