Chinmaya Mudra – Gesture of Manifested Consciousness

Chinmaya mudra gesture using the thumb and index finger. The practice of this mudra is said to bring awareness in the body which helps in keeping the body and brain healthy. Through this practice, awareness of breath and vital energy flows easily through the body thus keeping the physical body in balance.

Chinmaya mudra is practiced with three fingers facing inward, while the index finger and thumb tips are in contact. In this posture, the hands are either palms up or down on the knees. The general practice of this mudra when practiced with pranayama practice; Ujjayi Pranayama,  Kapalbhati Pranayama  (Skull Shining Breathing), Anulom Vilom Pranayama, etc. are said to encourage better and faster balance in the body while ensuring a calm and stable mind.

Explanation of the term Chinmaya Mudra. The Sanskrit word Chinmaya means ‘manifest consciousness’; In other words, the phenomenal world around us that has arisen from the underlying consciousness.

Chinmaya Mudra

Benefits :

1)- Improves the flow of energy in the body
2)- stimulates digestion
3)- When stress and anxiety levels are under control, it leads to overall improvement in body health, including blood pressure. However care should be taken to practice under the guidance of a yoga teacher.
4)- When awareness is gained with the practice of Chinmaya Mudra, students who struggle with anxiety and stress levels. Finding their root cause will help them recover and hence help them to remain calm and stress-free.

Follow the steps :

  • Hold fingers in the same way as indicated for Gyan Mudra. 3 Fold the fingers straight so that the tips touch or point towards the palm.
  • The position of the thumb and index finger remains the same, whether the tips are in contact or if the tip of the index finger presses the root of the thumb. both are correct. Place hands on knees, palms up or down.