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Yoga poses

Yoga Poses What is Yoga? Yoga means to join, which is derived from the Sanskrit word yuj. Yoga is a healthy way of life, which originated in India. It is now believed to be a form of science accepted worldwide. Good health is the right of every human being. But this right depends health is […]

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Chinmaya Mudra

Chinmaya Mudra

Chinmaya Mudra – Gesture of Manifested Consciousness Chinmaya mudra gesture using the thumb and index finger. The practice of this mudra is said to bring awareness in the body which helps in keeping the body and brain healthy. Through this practice, awareness of breath and vital energy flows easily through the body thus keeping the

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Aditi Mudra

Aditi Mudra

Aditi Mudra – Gesture to increase digestion Aditi Mudra is related to Anamika. Ring ginger represents the Sun and Earth elements. Aditi is described as Prithvi in some Vedic hymns. This mudra helps in the growth of earth and fire element. Sun (Surya) signifies fast and energy. In its absence there is night when every

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Hirdayi Mudra

Hirdayi Mudra

Hirdayi Mudra – Gesture to overcome emotional conflict Hirdayi Mudra: The practice of Hirdayi Mudra that benefits the heart should be learned from a primary yoga teacher. To bring maximum benefits with the practice of heart posture as part of regular practice, yoga teachers should guide students by giving them knowledge about the heart and

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Mrigi Mudra

Mrigi Mudra

Mrigi Mudra – Gesture to achieve mental clarity and focus Mrigi Mudra (Deer seal) is a mudra from a series of unique yogic breathing techniques. This traditional practice of yogic breathing is also known as Pranayama. The deer seal (deer posture), along with other breathing techniques such as Ujjayi and Kapalbhati, is widely renowned for

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Hansi mudra

Hansi Mudra

Hansi Mudra – Gesture of self love Hansi Mudra – There is a common urge for happiness in everyone’s life and this mudra brings a feeling of fulfillment in a person. It is not recommended to chant mantras or slogans while practicing this mudra. Sukhasana is best suited for this posture, although one can be

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Samana Vayu Mudra

Samana Vayu Mudra

Samana  Vayu Mudra – Gesture to co-ordinate all five elements Samana Vayu Mudra – Sometimes it is also called Mukul Mudra or Sukri Mudra, this mudra coordinates the five elements of the body and three comics. Therefore, this pose is useful for a person, whose all three comedies are deranged. While performing this pose, the

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Vaayan Mudra

Vaayan Mudra

Vaayan Mudra – Gesture to build enthusiasm Vaayan Mudra – This pose increases the Vaata humor within the human body. That Vaata humor controls the nervous system, which, in turn, is responsible for various bodily movements: external as well as internal. The practice of Vaata-kaarak  mudra increases the Vaata humor within the body, which increases

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Jupiter lock mudra

Jupiter Lock Mudra

Jupiter Lock Mudra – Gesture of expansion Jupiter Lock Mudra – This mudra activates Jupiter in you and brings abundance in your life. It will expand your horizons and get wider views of life, and you will become a good judge of life events. A teacher will also be active in you. A person who is mediocre and selfish will be broad minded and selfish. It generates blue energy and thus activates the throat chakra. While performing this mudra chant the Bija mantra “Om Hum Namaha.” Jupiter

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Venus lock mudra

Venus Lock Mudra

Venus Lock Mudra – Gesture of focus and concentration Venus Lock Mudra – The name Venus Locke is derived from the relationship between the negative and positive sides of the mound of Venus. They are located on each hand and have fleshy areas at the base of the thumb (which represents the ego). Venus represents

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