Vaayan Mudra – Gesture to build enthusiasm

Vaayan Mudra – This pose increases the Vaata humor within the human body. That Vaata humor controls the nervous system, which, in turn, is responsible for various bodily movements: external as well as internal. The practice of Vaata-kaarak  mudra increases the Vaata humor within the body, which increases the nervous force and vital power.

In other words, it is an excellent pose for people with Vaata deficiency. In fact, such people can also practice this mudra as a preventive, that is, to reduce illness. However, this mudra should be performed in moderation by those who have more Vaata (Vaatadosha or Vaata constitution). This Mudra also called Vaata or Vaayan Mudra,

In other words,  it is an excellent mudra for people with Vata deficiency. In fact, these people can even use this mudra as a preventive measure. Avoid disease, however, this mudra should be performed sparingly by those who have excess of vata.

Vaayan Mudra

Benefits :

1)- Nervous exhaustion, nervous breakdown
2)- Lack of initiave/enthusiasm, slowness of thoughts/perception
3)- Lethargy, laziness, general debility
4)- Drowsiness, excessive sleep
5)- Intolerance of heat; sunstroke
6)- Excessive sweating
7)- Excessive thirst
8)- Frequent, profuse urination
9)- Loss of appetite
10)- Fatness
11)- Loose motions
12)- Menorrhagia
13)- Greasy skin, hair
14)- Disorders caused by a deficiency of air element within the body.

Follow the steps :

This pose is made by joining the tips of the thumb, index finger and middle finger together.

Duration: 45 minutes every day, either at a stretch or in 3 parts (ie, 15 minutes and three times a day).

Ideal time: Although Vata-karaka mudra can be practiced at any time of the day, it is practiced at any time from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm.

Precaution: If you are more than Vata, then do this posture sparingly.