Vayu Mudra – Gesture of air

Vayu means Air, Vayu Mudra helps in regulating the element of Vayu inside the body. Yoga postures are specific hand gestures that help to balance and balance the flow to the various elements inside the body.

This particular mudra reduces the air element of the body which controls restlessness, nervousness and calms an uneasy mind.
It controls vata dosha and helps with arthritis, gas problems, sciatica, gout, knee pain or abdominal pain; relax the muscles, overloads the endocrine glands, accompanied by strained sounds and many other problems.
It also harmonizes the energy of our natural body, such as blinking, sneezing and yawning. 

Vayu mudra

Vayu Mudra Benefits:

1)- Balances Air Element in Body
2)- Cures Rheumatism
3)- Cures Arthritis
4)- Cures Gout
5)- Helps to Treat Paralysis
6)- Increases Concentration
7)- Pain Management for Victims of Polio
8)- Helps in Parkinson’s Disease
9)- Overcomes Uneasiness after Meal
10)- Helps in Cervical Spondilytis
11)- Benefits in Joint Pain related to Sciatica

Follow the steps of Vayu Mudra :

  • Press the tip of your index finger on to the mound of your thumb.
  • Bend your thumb so that it presses down lightly with the index finger.
  • The other fingers should be held straight.
  • Perform this Mudra for as long as the problem that you are trying to alleviate persists.

Time & Duration

It also can be practiced for quarter-hour (15 minutes) a day to stop problems concerning the imbalance of the air element inside the body from cropping up.