St. Andrew Knot

St. Andrew Knot is a medium-large in thick binder method similar to a Half-Windsor knot? The St. Andrew knot is slightly asymmetrical and forms a slightly thicker knot than Half-Windsor (yet thinner than full Windsor). This tying method is initiated by reverse with neckties. The St. Andrew’s Knot is considered relatively easy to make a knot that sounds good for beginners as well. This would be a good choice where a thick, slightly asymmetrical look is required.

In simple & easy, step by step tutorial we will show you how to tie a St. Andrew Knot. Graphic photo instructions in your favorite place.

Tying Steps, View in One Image.

How to tie a st. Andrew Knot

The St. Andrew knot Step-by-Step instruction.

St. andrew kont step 1

Guys let’s start first step, Start at the wide end of your right side and face the seam.

St. andrew knot step 2

Second step, Take the wide end under the narrow end on the left.

St. andrew knot step 3

Third step, Bring the wide end across the front of the narrow end to the right.

Fourth step, Continue to take the wide end around the narrow end from the back and left.

St. andrew knot step 5

Fifth step, Take the wide end up and over the front of the knot.

Sixth step, Bring it from the neck loop to the right.

Seventh step, Move the front wide end of the knot to the left. Use a finger to keep this strip slightly open.

St. andrew knot step 8

Eighth step, Bring the wide end up and through the loop behind the knot.

Ninth step, Pull the wide end through the loop.

Tenth step, Tighten and adjust.

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