Van Wijk Knot

Van Wijk Knot is claimed by artist Lisa Van Vijk. His aim was to invent the longest knot possible. Van Wijk Knot is one that has a very quiet cylindrical effect, giving your tie even more structure. While this may sound like a strange knot at first, you will eventually fall for almost the future of this tie knot over time.

The instructions for tying a knot, learn how to tie a tie Van Wijk Knot step-by-step instructions with image view to simple way to tying.

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Van Wijk Knot

The Van Wijk Knot Step-by-Step instruction.

Van Wijk Knot step 1


Guys let’s start first step, Start with the wide end on the right with the tip of the narrow end just above your navel.
Remark: This will vary depending on your height and the length and thickness of your tie.

Van Wijk Knot step 2

Second step, Cross the wide end to the narrow end on the left.

Van Wijk Knot step 3

Third step, Move the wide end to the right under the narrow end.

Van Wijk Knot step 4

Fourth step, Bring it across the front to the left.

Van Wijk Knot step 5

Fifth step, Wrap it to the right behind the narrow end.

Van Wijk Knot step 6

Sixth step, Bring it to the front left side. Place it slightly under the wrap made in step 4.

Seventh step, Wrap it behind the narrow end to the right.

Eighth step, Bring it to the front left side. Place it under the wraps made in step 4 and step 6.

Ninth step, Take the wide end up into the neck loop from underneath.

Van Wijk Knot step 10

STEP -10
Tenth step, Lower it down through each of the front three ends. Loops created in steps 4, 6 and 8.

Van Wijk Knot step 11

STEP -11
Eleventh step, Pull down on the wide end to tighten. The first and second loops should appear slightly below the third loop.

Styling tips for the this knot

The Van Wijk Knot is an incredibly sophisticated tie knot that attracts attention. This is why special care should be taken with One Wizard Knot to ensure that justice is done. Make sure you wear it with a narrow-collar shirt to avoid large gaps between the knot and the collar. It works wonderfully with formal attire as it provides additional points of difference from standard tie knots. This can seem a bit heavy in office settings.

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