Victoria Knot Tie

Victoria Knot Tie is named after Queen Victoria. We did an in-depth search of the images online and concluded that she might never wear this or any other men’s tie knot. This knot is almost identical to a four-handed knot, although it includes an extra pass of the cross end of the knot. This makes for a slightly larger knot, so it is best suited for ties made of thin clothing.

Instructions for tying the Victoria knot are shown below. We believe that you are correct in the following instructions. The figures below are mirror images. They are what you will see if you are standing in front of a mirror.

The Knot Tying Steps, View in One Image.

victoria knot tie

The Victoria Knot Step-by-Step instruction.

Victoria knot step 1

Guys let’s start first step, Start at the wide end of your right side.

Victoria knot step 2

Second step, Cross the wide end to the narrow end on the left.

Victoria knot step 3

Third step, Move it to the right behind the narrow end.

Fourth step, Wrap the wide end to the narrow end on the left.

Fifth step, Take it around the narrow end from behind to the right.

Sixth step, Take the wide around once more to the left. Use a finger to hold the band open.

Victoria knot step 7

Seventh step, Bring the wide end from the back into the neck loop.

Victoria knot step 8

Eighth step, Pull the wide end through the front band.

Ninth step, Tighten and adjust.

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