Savasana (Corpse Pose): Steps, benefits, and precautions

Savasana or corpse posture is part of the relaxation posture, usually practiced at the beginning or end of a yoga session. Derived from the two Sanskrit words shava meaning corpse and Asana meaning posture, the goal of this asana is to calm the mind and relax the muscles throughout the body, even if it can tempt you to fall asleep while lying down.

This article explains the benefits of Corpse Pose and the right way to practice it. The precautions to be taken while practicing this asana are also discussed.

A Girl doing a Savasana. It is also called the corpse pose.

Savasana (Corpse Pose) Steps:  The right to do Corpse Pose

To practice Corpse Pose in the right way, follow the steps given below:

1)- Firstly Lie straight on your back on a yoga mat.
2)- Keep both hands away from the body (about 15 cm) and palms facing upwards.
3)- Keep the feet slightly away from each other at about 30 degrees.
4)- Your spine should be straight with the shoulders touching the ground.
5)- Keep your body fully relaxed without any movement.
6)- Keep your eyes closed and focus on breathing through your nostrils.
7)- Do not let your head tilt on both sides; Keep it straight and comfortable.
8)- After four to five minutes, open your eyes and slowly release yourself from the pose.

Benefits of Savasana (Corpse Pose)

Corpse Pose develops a balance between mind and body and can be performed even after a long day at work before bedtime. Some of its benefits are:

  • Savasana helps in reducing psychological factors like stress, fatigue, depression, stress, and anxiety.
  • People who are suffering from sleeping disorders sleep deprivation or insomnia.
  • Corpse Pose repairs the tissues and cells in the body and enhances the benefits of a yoga session.
  • Memory and concentration levels can be improved with the repeated practise of Savasana.
  • Savasana promotes a healthy balance between body and mind and is especially helpful after performing a deeper or more dynamic yoga asana.
  • Savasana practice relieves tension from the muscles and helps reduce high blood pressure

Precautions for Savasana (Corpse Pose)

While anyone can perform Corpse Pose, here are some precautions you should follow:

  • Do not practice this asana at a place where there are noise or external disturbances.
  • Do not try to move your body while practicing Savasana as doing so can defeat the purpose of asana which is to experience peace.
  • Do not try to fall asleep while doing this asana. If you do then there is no harm per se, but make sure you are in a safe place.

If you close your eyes during the day and do regular practice of Corpse Pose, you will get peace of mind, and your eyes, face, neck, shoulders, and back will also get strength and muscles will also be strong.

The regular practice of Corpse Pose can help you bring peace and agility

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FAQ: Best Ans to Understand Yoga For Study Free.

Q1. What is Savasana and its benefits?

Ans: Savasana, also known as Corpse Pose, is a yoga relaxation posture. It involves lying down, promoting deep relaxation, reducing stress, and enhancing mental clarity. The pose aids in calming the nervous system, improving focus, and fostering overall well-being.

Q2. Is Savasana the hardest pose?