Apan Vayu Mudra – Gesture to save life

Apan Vayu Mudra – mudra yoga has specific hand gestures that are used to balance the elements in the body and to guide them in the proper direction to fulfill a specific purpose. Apana Vayu Mudra is also known as Mrat Sanjeevani Mudra. It is a very powerful posture and in ancient India it was considered a life saver in case of a heart attack.

Most people can benefit from this which is a very special and effective practice called Apana Vayu Mudra. A mudra is a seal made with the body that helps to connect and extend our life in a special way. Apan Vayu Mudra is in the category of medical posture and is done with one or both hands. Sometimes known as this sanjeevani Mudra (bringing life with death), this mudra has many benefits and helps in relieving symptoms and letting go for anyone with a physical or mental / emotional heart condition.

Apan vayu mudra

Apan Vayu Mudra Benefits:

1)- Apana vayu mudra is considered very beneficial for the heart.
2)- People with a history of heart diseases should practice this mudra regularly.
3)- The benefits of Apan vayu mudra are also available to those who suffer from gastric problems like heartburn and indigestion.
4)- It relieves angina immediately.
5)- It normalizes blood pressure and thus saves us from both high as well as low blood pressure, as it stimulates the circulatory system.
6)- In case of palpitations or weak pulse, this Mudra will normalize the pulse rate immediately.
7)- It helps in removing acidity, gas formation, erosion, irritation and strengthens the digestive system. It resolves all diseases of the intestines, colic, colitis, etc.;
8)- It is highly effective in respiratory diseases like asthma. This mudra helps the lungs in their functioning, by cleansing the blood circulatory system. Those who feel difficulty in climbing stairs or breathing fast should perform this pose for about 10 minutes before climbing the stairs; They will feel much better.
9)- It is also highly effective in curing migraine. Migraine or headache is mainly due to weak digestion or agitated nerves. As already mentioned, this pose calms the nervous system and strengthens the digestive system, leaving no reason for migraine.
10)- By drying the nervous system, it induces sleep and cures insomnia.
11)- According to Ayurveda, any imbalance in the three “doshas” – causes Vata, Pitta and Kapha diseases. Apan vayu mudra restores balance in these three main ‘doshas’. Apan Vayu Mudra stimulates and strengthens the circulatory system and restores the digestive system, respiratory system, excretory system and nervous system.

Follow the steps :

  • Sit comfortably in the Padma Asana (Lotus pose) or any other suitable posture. Breathe slowly through your nostril.
  • Turn your index finger in towards the center of your palm, cross your thumb over the index finger.
  • Now touch the tips of Madhyama and Anamika with the tip of your thumb. Point your little finger straight.

  • This pose should be for a period of ten to fifteen minutes.

Practice Guidelines:

If done regularly for 45 minutes in three parts of 15 minutes each in the morning, afternoon and evening, it is helpful for many heart diseases. When the air element increases in the body, it creates a blockage in the arteries of the heart; They become rigid and narrow. Performing this mudra will relieve the arteriosclerosis of the heart, and thus it strengthens the heart muscle and removes blockages in the arteries.