Khechari mudra – Gesture to achieve heightened state of knowledge

Khechari mudra is believed to be a yogic sign that helps the artist achieve an advanced state of knowledge. This is one of the most unusual yoga practices, perhaps because it seems a bit strange even for those who practice yoga regularly.

This gesture is also known as the tongue-swallowing technique, as it involves turning the tongue upward and slipping it. Nasal cavity above the soft palate. Yogis claim that one of our most sensitive organs is located around a centimeter above the roof of our mouth. This place can be reached with the tongue, which is about the Khechari Mudra.

Khechari Mudra

Benefits :

There are many health benefits which are associated with Khechari Mudra. Some of the most common are –
1)-  If practiced regularly, it is believed to give people a melodious tone.
2)-  It is said to give a pleasant glow to the face, and reduces the accumulation of fat on the abdomen. It is said to free the mind of anger, ego, attachment, desire, hatred and hatred
3)-  It increases energy and vitality
Khechari mudra should be practiced early in the morning. However, before trying any yoga pose or gesture, no matter how simple it is, it is necessary to get a doctor examined.

Follow the steps :

  • To perform the office posture, you need to do 
  • Roll your tongue backwards so that its tip touches the uvula located behind your mouth.
  • Roll your tongue backwards so that it enters the nasal cavity above your soft palate. Breathe in and create snoring from the back of your throat and then exhale.
  • Swallow any saliva that accumulates in your mouth, which leaves a hint. Many people face some difficulty in completing this pose because their frenulum (the membrane under the tongue) does not allow the tongue to reach much back and up. However, the regular practice of khechari mudra makes the frenulum more flexible over time.