Jnana Mudra – Gesture of wisdom

Jnana Mudra, it falls under the category of hand-made postures or gestures hand postures. Gyan Mudra falls under another subcategory practiced in Yoga, known as Vikas Mudra, as they help to develop and maintain the overall health of a person.

This category is also known as developmental because a sick body is developed back to health by rebalancing the elements (elements) involved. It is also known as Dhyana Mudra, Dhyana Mudra as it is an effective accompaniment of meditation due to its calming effect on the mind. Practice and experience the magic of Gyan Mudra on your own.

The word Jnana means knowledge in Sanskrit and as the name suggests, jnana Mudra can be described as a gesture of knowledge or wisdom. According to the Yoga Shastras, the index finger should represent the ego, while the thumb represents the universal feeling. The wisdom posture signifies the destruction of the ego, as the index finger is downwards.

Jnana Mudra

Benefits :

Jnana Mudra is said to be one of the most therapeutic postures a person can practice. Some of the health benefits of this gesture include –
1)- Reducing nervous tension from the body
2)- boosting memory
3)- treatment of insomnia
4)- Developing creativity
5)- Enhancing spirituality
6)- Increase mental peace.
7)- Regulation of air flow in the body
8)- Stabilize the mind.
While there are no known side effects that are associated with jnana Mudra, it is best that one consults a doctor before practicing yoga.

Follow the steps :

While practicing jnana Mudra, make sure that you are sitting comfortably in the meditation posture, with your eyes closed. Then, you –

  • Place your hands on your knees in such a way that the inner part of your wrist rests on the knees and the palm is facing down.
  • Draw a circle by bringing your index finger and thumb together. Ensure that the index finger nails the thumb joint first.
  • Keep the other three fingers extended.