Shankh Mudra – Gesture of positiveness

Shankha Mudra or Shankha Shell Mudra is a very popular Mudra in Hindu culture. This mudra is often practiced during religious ceremonies. However, the benefits of this currency are outside the purview of any religion. It can be practiced by anyone who wants to benefit from it.
In Sanskrit, Shankha means conch. This mudra is conch shaped and hence it is called conch mudra. In ancient times, it was believed that sound waves can go far and wide by ringing a conch, thereby eliminating the effects of bad elements.

Shankh Mudra

Shankh Mudra Benefits :

1)- One of the most important benefits of conch posture is the positive effect it has on the respiratory system.
2)- It also helps to calm and focus the mind.
3)- This pose creates pressure at the point of the thyroid gland, thus activating it to ward off diseases related to the thyroid gland, so obesity is controlled.
4)- This mudra makes the voice melodious and clean. Removes strain in the voice. Therefore singers, teachers, doctors, lawyers and leaders must perform this mudra every day for 10 to 15 minutes.
5)- This mudra relieves allergies, caused by dust and smoke, so throat becomes clean; also pacifies skin rashes.
6)- Tonsillitis and other throat infections are cured.
7)- Any trouble with problem stammering stuttering in speech can be rectified by this mudra.

Follow the steps :

  • Sit in Padma Asana or Lotus posture. Keep your back straight and calm your breath.
  • Close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting in the middle of a blue sea of calm water.
  • Raise both your arms ahead of your chest. Wrap the four fingers of your right hand around your left thumb.
  • Bring the tips of your right thumb and left middle together. The other fingers of your left hand should be parallel to the middle finger. Your hands will form a conch-like shape from where the conch mudra derives its name.
  • Keep this pose in front of your sternum.
  • Chanting Om (Om) while practicing this mudra further increases its benefits.
  • Try to hold this pose for at least 45 minutes.