Maha Sacral Mudra – Gesture to influence energy

Maha Sacral Mudra  is also known as large pelvic posture. This Sacral Mudra is useful in complaints related to lower abdomen, such as menstrual pain, constipation etc.

Maha sacral mudra

Benefits :

Activates the breath in the pelvis, aids digestion and emotional processing
Practice tips: Use to feel calm and frozen, it also helps to process emotions
Contraindications: Pregnancy.

Follow the steps :

​Touch the tips of the thumb and little fingers together, then touch the thumb, short and ring finger tips of both hands together; extend the index finger and middle fingers, pointing fingers downward in front of the lower abdomen.

This amazing pose helps in handling complaints in the lower abdomen; It is particularly good against pain during menstruation. It can also bring relief for complaints of dysfunctional bowels, intestinal spasms or bladder and prostate, as it has a relaxing and energy-balancing effect.

While holding this mudra, you can also practice Maha Bandha in addition.​