Surabhi Mudra – Gesture of concentration

In yoga the postures are specific and gestures are used to improve the flow of prana or energy through the body in desired passages to achieve specific results. Surabhi Mudra or Kamadhenu Mudra is one such mudra.

We are talking here today of another very popular currency known as Surbhi Mudra. This mudra is also known as the Kamadhenu mudra or wish-fulfilling mudra.

Now you might be wondering what is meant by kamadhenu mudra? Kamadhenu is a Sanskrit word meaning mother of cows. Cows have a deep significance in the Indian tradition and thus Kamadhenu is also very important in our tradition. It is believed that goddess kamadhenu has got miraculous power and she can fulfill every wish we ask for.

Kamadhenu is the name of an Indian god who has the power to fulfill the wishes of his human. So, most of the people come to this goddess with their desires and ultimately travel to the path of spiritualism. It is believed that you will achieve the utmost level of happiness.

Surabhi mudra

Benefits :

1)- Surabhi Mudra is considered the most powerful mantra.

2)- It helps the practitioner to harness the power of all the elements.

3)- It helps in providing mental peace and calm and also helps in improving concentration.

4)- Apart from this, regular practice of Surabhi Mudra improves the functioning of the digestive system and provides relief from stomach diseases.

Follow the steps :

Surabhi mudra is one of the more complex currencies. Here are some steps that will enable you to perform Surabhi Mudra correctly:

  • Bring the ring finger of each hand to the tip of the little finger of the other hand.
  • Now touch the tip of the index finger with the tip of the middle finger of the other hand.
  • Your thumbs should be touching each other slowly. Now you are in surabhi mudra.
  • You should do this mudra daily for at least 30 to 45 minutes. Take breaks in between as needed.