Suchi Mudra – Gesture of relief

Suchi mudra is used for the elimination of toxins, both physical and mental. It relieves constipation, stress, anger and general discomfort.
Every day is necessary for health and for good elimination. Elimination is an important process in body-mind healing, which is not only limited to the body, but cleanliness is also important for the mind, soul and consciousness. Prolonged constipation, in addition to restlessness, leads to many other medical problems. In yoga it is important to cleanse the intestines. Castro and anorectic disorders are caused by stress, and if one does not cease a daily intake, stress increases and may result in more medical and emotional problems.

Suchi Mudra

Suchi Mudra Benefits :

1)- Suchi mudra is helpful for chronic constipation.
2)- It helps in keeping the body in the right position.
3)- It also helps a person reject negative thoughts which will help in elevating the mood.
4)-This mudra tames uncontrolled behaviours such as impatience, temper tantrums, clinging to others, etc.
5)- It helps in keeping the body in perfect condition.
6)- It also helps an individual to reject the thoughts of negative nature which will help in mood elevation.

Follow the steps :

  • Tighten both fists and place them in front of your chest.
  • Pull the right arm to the right and point the index finger upwards.
  • Also, together, spread the left arm to the left. Hold it for six breaths and return to the starting position.
  • In case of severe chronic constipation, practice it 4 times a day; If it is mild, then 6–12 times in the morning and in the afternoon. When you are traveling or have an acute episode, practice every morning for 5 to 10 minutes, before getting up and kicking out easily in bed. Listing posture is usually the first task. If you do it at 7 in the morning, before 9 am you can go to the bathroom without problems.