Mandala Mudra – Gesture of offerings

Mandala Mudra is an integral part of Buddhist religious ceremonies, this pose is the form of the perfection universe. Which is used to balance the mind and emotions. The word mandala means cosmos in Sanskrit and mandala mudra is a symbolic proposition to Buddha to the universe. This mudra is usually performed with religious mantras and prayers. However, it can also be performed by non-Buddhists for its benefits.

This Mudra is a complex and sacred hand gesture that serves as a symbolic offering of the entire universe for the benefit of all passionate beings. Performing the mandala arpan mudra helps to reduce one’s attachment and purify the dissolving mind. While this mudra is usually made in association with prayer and Buddhist mantras, non-Buddhists can also do it to gain its spiritual benefits.

Mandala Mudra


1)- Mandala Mudra helps you to center yourself and helps you to connect with the universe at large.
2)- It helps to increase your need for meditation.

Follow the steps :

Mandala Mudra is a relatively complex currency. Here are some simple remedies for Mudra that will teach you how to do this Mudra correctly:

  • Sit comfortably with your back straight and focus on calming your breath.
  • As you calm your mind and lower your heart rate, imagine a majestic mountain situated amidst a great sea.
  • Pull the fingers of both your hands up and down with your palms in between.
  • Press the tip of the opposite thumb at the tip of each small finger.
  • Fold each index finger so that its tip reaches the tip of the opposite middle.
  • Hold the fingers of the fingers and position them in such a way that they are perpendicular to the top of your palms. Press the back of each finger to its counterpart.
  • Anamika is the symbol of the sacred mountain Meru which is surrounded by the cosmic ocean.