Kali Mudra – Gesture of transformation

Kali Mudra is a mudra for the hands – it symbolizes change – when you meditate with your hands in this position, you welcome learning, personal development, and change.

This Mudra is practiced in restorative yoga sequences or therapy yoga sequences to correct symptoms related to anxiety, depression, or insomnia. The most important aspect of the practice of Kali Mudra is that it encourages positivity in the body by eliminating blockages in the Sushumna Nadi (channel), thus reducing stress and distraction.

It is practiced mainly as part of meditation or pranayama, but can also be adopted in asana practices. All fingers except the index finger collide in the black posture, the palms face each other, and while the fingers are interlocked, the left thumb rests on the thumb of the right hand and not vice versa.

Kali Mudra

Kali Mudra Benefits :

This Mudra offers benefits when performed in meditation pose or any other yoga pose, which are listed below:
1)-  Energy flow with the practice of Kali Mudra, if done for more than 10 minutes (depending on each body), the energy is energized, eliminating the negative flow.Activates energy in the upper chakras.
2)- Stress to counter this, the practice of Kali Mudra with yoga posture reduces tension and stiffness in the joints, sending all positive signals through the physical body and mental state of mind.
3)- Detoxification of the cleansing effect, along with the practice of Kali Mudra, ejects toxins within the body, ejecting negative energy, making room for the apparent flow of life.
4)- Depression, Insomnia, and Anxiety The practice of black money can benefit depressed students or patients, it flows positively and reduces symptoms related to negative energy, depression, anxiety or insomnia.

Follow the steps :

The index finger points upward with the interlace middle, ring and small fingers; left thumb crossed from the right side; place the hands in front of the chest or above the head.​