Varun Mudra Gesture to increase water element

Varun mudra is a healing practice and a form of yoga that stabilizes the amount of water in the body. About 70% of the body is water. Thus water is most abundant in the body, which is present in cells, extracellular fluid, lymph, blood, tears, saliva, mucus, digestive juices, enzymes, hormones, semen, cerebrospinal fluid, etc. This posture helps in rehydration. Cells, tissues, muscles, skin, joint-cartilage, etc.

The word Varuna means water and Varuna mudra is understood because of the seal of mental clarity. It helps to activate the salivary glands and through simple tricks, many internal and external conditions can be recreated. It is a favorite among those who practice yoga, as well as those who only want to live a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Varun Mudra

Benefits :

1)- Dryness of eyes
2)- Dryness of the digestive tract (mouth, throat, and intestines)
3)- Dryness of the skin leading to cracks, dry eczema, psoriasis, etc.
4)- Degeneration of joint-cartilage, Osteo-Arthritis
5)- Varun Mudra or hand gesture helps to recover from joint pain, arthritis.
6)- This mudra helps in indigestion, constipation problems of the digestive system, etc.
7)- Varun Mudra also prevents acne or pimple.
8)- Anemia
9)- Cramps, dehydration
10)- Deficiency of hormones
11)- Scanty urination (oliguria)
12)- Scanty semen (oligospermia)
13)- Scanty menses (oligomenorrhoea)
14)- Loss of taste sensation, tongue-disorders

Follow the steps :

Varun Mudra is the simple trick of touching the little finger and thumb and spreading the three middle fingers in a gentle manner.

  • This mudra, popular as Varuna Mudra, increases the water element within the body.
  • This pose is made by joining the tips of the thumb and little finger together.
  • 45 minutes every day, either at a stretch or in 3 parts (i.e, for 15 minutes, three times a day). People who have water retention in their body or people with bile + phlegm constitution should perform this mudra moderately, if at all.