Jupiter Lock Mudra – Gesture of expansion

Jupiter Lock Mudra – This mudra activates Jupiter in you and brings abundance in your life. It will expand your horizons and get wider views of life, and you will become a good judge of life events. A teacher will also be active in you. A person who is mediocre and selfish will be broad minded and selfish. It generates blue energy and thus activates the throat chakra. While performing this mudra chant the Bija mantra “Om Hum Namaha.”

Jupiter lock mudra

Jupiter Lock Mudra Benefits :

1)-  Helps – To develop great and advanced ideas
2)- Developing intuition and extra sensory powers (ESP)
3)- To detoxify the body by elimination of metabolic waste (through air, sweat, urine and feces)
4)- To remove the feeling of fullness / heaviness in the body or body parts
5)- To overcome the problem of overeating
6)- To relieve congestion (and pain) in the head (due to migraine or sinusitis), ear / infection (due to infection), chest (due to infection / asthma)
7)- Hypertension
8)- Irregular heartbeat
9)- Angina pectoris

Follow the steps :

With two forefinger fingers together, Jupiter’s power, or good luck and expansion, is active. Together they focus your energy to break through obstacles.