Abhaya Mudra – Gesture Of Fearlessness

Abhaya Mudra – In the context of Hinduism, Abhaya mudra, a gesture of assurance and protection, is a hand pose, which removes fear and provides divine protection and pleasure to the devotee.
There are various meanings associated with the word Abhay. Many years ago, when Indians used Sanskrit as their communication language, the word Abhay was used a lot. Abhay meant fearlessness in those days.
You can also attach the meaning of security, peace and silence with Abhaya. You can also say that Abhaya Mudra is a symbol of fear and evil detachment from our lives. It is believed that this symbol was used long before the beginning of Buddhism.

Abhaya Mudra

Abhaya Mudra Benefits :

1)- This Mudra removes fear and creates a sense of security. This pose produces peace of mind, assurance and benevolence. The person feels power and peace within himself. If Abhay Mudra is trying regularly then it awakens the feeling of awareness as well as the feeling of altruism.
2)- strengthens internal resolution
3)- Calms the mind
4)- Relieves feelings of fear
5)- Affects the energetic system of the body and the flow of life.

Follow the steps :

  • Lotus or very easy sit in position. The first condition of any posture exercise is comfort. To perform this exercise you must be in a comfortable position. Next we suggest you to sit on the mat or on a light carpet. This is because many fitness experts and dieticians have suggested that you should not sit on bare floors. The bare floor comes out and brings out a radiation that is not good and healthy while doing the pose. You can keep your eyes open or closed as you wish. Closed eyes certainly ensure greater concentration.
  • In Abhaya mudra, the right hand is upward, and the palm is outward.
  • It is one of the earliest postures depicted in many Hindu, Buddhist and Jain paintings.