Garuda Mudra – Gesture of freedom

Garuda Mudra – Garuda means, which has great wings. “The inspiration of this mudra is dedicated to the energy of freedom. Each of us is as free as we allow ourselves to be. We are like Garuda, always flying. It allows us to try new things, keep our minds There is freedom to change, explore new situations and take responsibility for the quality of our lives. Today, how are you practicing freedom? Love yourself, your day. Do not love, love your life!

The practice of Garuda Mudra keeps the balance of Vata (air) element in the body. When disturbed, Vata energy brings down the energy level in the body, which makes a person feel lethargic, lethargic and irritable.

Vata produces dryness in the body and is also associated with anxiety, so the practice of Garuda posture can help bring balance to this element. The thumbs represent the element Agni (Agni) and warm and lubricate the dry air to help drain the stagnant fluids in the body.

Therefore the main benefit with the practice of Garuda Mudra by cancer patients is to help lymphatic drainage (removal of waste and toxins from the body), and to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Garuda Mudra

Garuda Mudra Benefits :

1)- Garuda mudra activates the circulation and blood flow of our body and helps to balance the energies of the body.

2)- All elements are said to be in equilibrium, with more attention being directed towards the Vayu (air) element. So people who have more air defects can benefit from this practice.

3)- When Vayu Dosha is in balance, it also helps to keep the digestive system under control.

4)- Garuda Mudra when practiced with meditation creates a sense of control over the mind and the mighty bird, like the eagle.

Follow the steps :

  •  Place both your hands in front of you with palms.
  • Place the palm of the right hand on the back of the left hand, joining the two rings together.
  • Allow fingers to rest on top of each other. Keep the hands in front of the sternum or heart center.
  • Now you will hold the static position.