Shuni Mudra – Gesture for patience

Shuni Mudra is also known as a “seal of patience.” The middle finger represents the courage to perform duty and responsibility. The thumb represents fire and divine nature. When two fingers are held together, it means to symbolize and encourage patience, prudence, focus, and discipline.

This posture can help clear negative energy and can help keep the head clean for positive thoughts, especially if you are fine and want to have a focused energy field to try new things. To make Shuni mudra, place the middle finger on the tip of the thumb. All three fingers should be straight. This posture is called giving patience and discretion. The middle finger is often a symbol of the planet Saturn. Saturn represents executive, the law of karma, responsibility, and courage as a duty.

Shuni Mudra

Benefits :

1)- Shuni Mudra helps to encourage kindness, understanding, and patience towards others.
2)- It also helps to develop great thoughts and convert negative feelings into positive ones.
3)- If you feel yourself impatient with or towards someone then it is great to use.

For example, if the person you are meeting is running late, then using the Shuni Mudra will help you to feel more patient by providing a late man with more understanding. It also promotes discretion and commitment.

Follow the steps :

  • The middle finger and thumb are lightly touching the tips.
  • Use enough pressure to feel the flow of energy but not to whiten the fingers.
  • The remaining three fingers are gently pulled out, relaxed but not ridiculed.