Shiva Linga Mudra – Gesture to heal body stress

Shiva Linga Mudra is a powerful hand gesture representing both God and Goddess, symbolizing masculine and feminine. The masculine god is Shiva, and the female goddess is Parvati. In short, the Shiv linga mudra symbolizes the integration of the energies of Shiva and Shakti.
This mudra is also called upright posture, where the thumb represents masculine energy and the palm on which it rests represents feminine energy. Shiv linga mudra can be practiced in the morning and evening for 5 minutes. This mudra accelerates healing.

Shiva linga mudra

Benefits :

1)- To increase energy, remove anxiety and gain confidence.
2)- It mainly relieves tension, restlessness, and lethargy in the body.
3)- When done correctly and for the right duration, the Shiva Linga Mudra can balance the body’s energy, either increase the energy in the body or maintain its correct balance.
4)- When there is increased energy in the body, it helps to keep cough and cold away, thus making sure the immune system is in control.
5)- The practice of Shiva Linga mudra is additionally said to assist flush out toxins from the body, including excess weight.
6)- By increasing the fire element in the body, the practice of Shiv linga mudra helps in controlling digestion.

Follow the steps :

  • Sit upright in a cool comfortable chair or pillow.
  • Bring your left hand near the chest and keep the palm upward.Keep fingers together.
  • Make a fist with your right hand and place it securely on the left palm.
  • raise the thumb of the right hand upward.
  • The right hand is a metaphor for your solar breathing. (right nostril)
  • The left hand is an allegory for your Luna breath.  (left nostril)
  • Close your eyes and meditate.