Poorna MudraGesture of spiritual

Poorna Mudra – The fingers wrapped around the thumbs and the knuckles of both hands pressed together. The hands are  then lightly pressed against the pubic bone. Sit in a comfortable Diamond pose.

Poorna Mudra

Poorna Mudra Benefits :

1)- Helps to stimulate a full breathe.

2)- In this mudra, the life force occurs to the whole body.

Follow the steps :

  •  This pose incorporated both hands.
  • Sit in a Vajrasana with back straight.
  •   The fingers are wrapped around the thumbs and the tips of both hands.
  •  Blow the air forcefully to empty the stomach and simultaneously bend forward until the forehead reaches the floor. (Some people may not touch the ground, but it’s fine to do as much as you can).
  • After breathing out, can hold the breath for 3 to 4 sec and come back to centre while breathing in.
  • The hands are then pressed lightly against the lower abdomen or pubic bone.
  • Slow rhythmic breathing in 4: 3: 6: 3 ratio (breathing: 4, 4: 3 keeping air inside: 3, exhaling: 6, keeping the stomach empty without air: 3).
  • Repeat this cycle 7 times.